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So...I have just spent the winter months hiding away
working on my 'flower collection' designs for silk scarves and neckerchiefs. There are now 4 designs to the collection 'IRIS', 'LOTUS', 'POPPY' and 'DAISY'. 

The scarves are available to buy from my website ('POPPY' and 'DAISY' will be available at the beginning of May 2016) I have also added another neckerchief design 'RAINBOW HEARTS' which will also be on sale at the end of May.

You can also view and buy my scarves from Wolf & Badger (online) https://www.wolfandbadger.com/uk/search/?q=su+owen






December 2015

A collection of my silk cushions and scarves.

June 2015

Circus Designs for Silk Cushions

 This is Betty - The Mermaid Aerialist

 This is Stan the Strongman

This is Serge the Zebra

April 2015

'Alice' design for silk cushions & scarves

Here's a section of the printed silk, I'm really pleased with this. I now need to find someone who can do a perfect rolled hem!!

March 2015

Textile Designs 

Owl print on 100% cotton velvet

'Alice' print - part of a lampshade, printed onto 100% cotton panama

Owl print on 100% cotton panama used for drum lampshades

Owl print drum lampshades

All the above items are now on sale or made to order from my online shop at http://www.suowendesign.com


The designs below were made for the Front Row Society Design challenges.

    Painted Ladies I

    Painted Ladies II

    Punk Queen

Copyright Su Owen 2015

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